I came to Kathy in need of serious clarity. I felt frozen in my decisions and was facing a huge transition going from traveling and living overseas to choosing a home in the U.S. and shifting my career. Kathy gently guided me into a deeper understanding of myself, my decision making style, and my connection to my intuition. Through opening to those things, I was able to move forward comfortably and enthusiastically. I am now living in a brand new city that could not be more perfect for me. I am also in the process of beginning a new venture in my career that I truly feel is possible thanks to Kathy’s guidance and support. The processes she teaches offer such insight into understanding oneself better and each session is conducted in such a sincere and loving way. Kathy is authentic in her love of what she does and it comes across in each and every interaction with her. I am so very grateful to my friend who pointed me in Kathy’s direction and so so appreciative of the coaching I’ve received from her!!
— Katie, Portland OR
Kathy, you embody authenticity and thereby light the path for others to discover and celebrate their authentic selves. Your process is so creative, compassionate and honoring of each individual.
— -Melissa, Denver, CO
Working with Kathy Kehe as a coach is a joyful gift I give myself. Kathy’s wisdom, support and gentle spirit have been such a blessing to me over the time we’ve worked together. Recently I told Kathy that I realized how she has helped me tease out many threads of awareness and begin to weave them together in a most remarkable way. What we have created through our work together is a beautiful and strong tapestry of tools and insights that I now can take with me into any situation in my life. I am so grateful.
— Nancy, Lincoln, NE
Kathy has worked with me in such a positive, supportive way that I’m now open and giving up excuses why I can’t pursue my dreams, my goal. What I thought was laziness turned out to be resistance. I was afraid, lacking in belief in myself to move forward. It was easy to stay stuck where I was, but I felt so dark and hopeless. Working with Kathy pulled me out of my doubts and deep fears. This has become the year that I’m moving forward to fulfill my goals, not just fantasizing about them, but actually getting up everyday and getting things accomplished. 
— Cecilia, Fort Collins, CO
After a 20-minute session with Kathy the best way to describe my experience is like the first time you put on a new pair of glasses and everything is clearer and more in focus. That night I had the best sleep ever!! I’m so filled with gratitude.
— Gina, Body Mind Spirit Expo, Tampa
Thank you for your guiding presence and very applicable and transformative client-centered, client-empowering healing skills. But mostly, thank you for your unconditional love and support. Your presence really offers a super SUPER safe space for transformational healing work. I am just floored after every session about how much we are able to unearth and  process!! I am amazed each time at how I leave feeling an elevated sense completion and integration. Feels super good and yummy.
— Christie, Denver, CO
I appreciate your wisdom, Kathy. You guide so gently and kindly and provide the space for awarenesses and clarity to come forward. You look at the big picture but connect on a one-to-one level. Thank you.
— Roshawn, Santa Monica, CA
Kathy asks the best questions. She identifies the core issues through her generative questioning and guides me to find my own solutions. Her techniques are so very different from therapy.
— Ki, Fort Collins, CO