Do you yearn to step away from your everyday world, immerse yourself in another culture, and stretch into your true self?

Do you want your own personal transformation while also connecting with and walking with a small group of like-minded women?

We will begin our journey in Astorga, Spain, near León. You’ll observe what comes up for you when you’re physically stretched beyond your comfort zone. I’ll invite and facilitate you in meeting yourself, your body and your experience lovingly, compassionately, curiously, and joyfully.

In conscious coaching conversations with me on The Way (one translation of El Camino), we attune to your sensations, feelings, emotions and thoughts which often in day to day life get overlooked or ignored. We create space for exploration into the wisdom and messages they have for you as well as inquire into messages and metaphors the Camino provides.


In my experience the Camino itself is a powerful metaphor. How you meet and face life and yourself on the Camino is representative of how you do or could face everyday life. My teachers at the University of Santa Monica taught me, “Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality.”

You can choose to explore the significant experiences, positive or negative, on the Camino and discover the opportunity to see something inside of yourself.


On my first Camino the long days of walking provided me the opportunity for a mind clearing; putting it all out on the table so to speak. I will be there to assist you in sorting out the many thoughts present for you. What’s the voice inside saying over and over? You’ll likely be hearing it. Are there limiting beliefs that you’ve been holding? Someone else’s thoughts you’ve taken on? You get to decide if you’ll continue to carry them or set them down, either ceremoniously at the Cruz de Ferro or any step of the way.

In my experience, coming into greater authenticity through letting go of others’ imprints on you and becoming more Self-directed is a transformational experience of liberation. Feel lighter, freer, and more loving toward your Whole Self.

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As we continue our journey on the Camino, begin walking forward with more authenticity and freedom into the mystical forests of Galicia and ascend to greater levels of upliftment. Allow your heart answer, “What are my top desired feelings and values that reflect who I really am?”

In Finisterre, once thought to be the end of the earth, we’ll do a completion and celebration. What have you experienced on this journey that you want to celebrate and anchor? What’s next for you as you leave the Camino and return to your everyday life? Maybe it’s a concrete thing, and maybe it’s a new way of being, your own Camino of Life.


This immersion adventure provides experiential learning, the most valuable, impactful and long-lasting kind of learning.

Is this kind of experiential, transformational retreat something that’s calling you?

How would having the support, reflection and encouragement of a Heart and Soul Centered Coach along on this spiritual adventure empower you and enlighten your journey? What’s available to you if you embark on this adventure? I want to know.

Reach out now, and we’ll schedule a conversation. I’m accepting only four women into this adventure because I want to create an intimate group and be able to serve each woman deeply. Let’s explore the possibilities.


What’s it like to be you when you’re not trying so hard?